Jenn & Jenn on NH Today 06-25-14


Jenn and Jenn talk Scott Brown, and they also talk to Kevin, who is a veteran and dealing with the VA.

New Hampshire the birthplace of True Knife Liberty and Freedom!

Mr. Jeff Knox on Knives, Lipstick, & Liberty

Miss today's Knives, lipstick, and liberty show with Mr. Jeff Knox? Have no worries the podcast is here!
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The World is in a Spin

Happy Mother's Day from SAS Click the Pic to sign up today!

Second Amendment Sisters Week May 2014

Excellent show today with Mari Thompson Founder, and President of the Second Amendment Sisters, Inc., Rick Ector from Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit discussion Michigan law and safety and Susan Olsen NH Media Coordinator discussing recent wins, gains, and benefits of working with SAS in New Hampshire. We also covered stories on New York and Maryland so tune in each month to the first friday for Second Amendment Sisters Week on Freedomizer Radio !


Episode 3 Knives,Lipstick,& Liberty Show on

Awesome Show today with Candidate for New Hampshire Governor Republican, Andrew Hemingway. A Mr. Hemingway publicly announced he will apply to be a liberty candidate at! We will be watching for his approval or disapproval by their board of directors. Also joining us, was Kimberly Morin from On today’s show we discussed common core duming down our children. The many economic Issues facing our States and our Nation as a whole and how you can truly make an impact.  Learn about candidate training using social media like twitter by contacting Kimberly as she discusses on our show. Knives, Lipstick, and Liberty Every Friday at 3pm EST

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